The Best Is Yet To Come…

As you can see, it’s been awhile since I last posted a blog. A lot has happened since I posted back in Sept. 2010. I can honestly say that I have experienced and lived life. Yet, there is so much more of life, I have yet to experience and live. In the past year in a half, I have gone through so much. I have experienced such good things…new friends, new relationships, love, laughter, adventure, breakthrough, healing and restoration as well as some struggles..testing, failure, lost friends and loved ones, sadness, heartache and grief.

Given all of the things I have experienced, I have grown and continue to grow as I trust in God. Through everything, I am CONVINCED that God is forever faithful even when we are not and even when we don’t understand. He is always there and He loves us soooooo much!! I am hopeful for 2012 and I believe and claim that the “Best Is Yet To Come.” That is my prayer for myself and for all of my family and friends!! I am so thankful for my family and friends who have touched my life with your support, love and friendship. Your lives have thoroughly enriched mine.

Happy New Year!!


In Honor of My Beloved Sister…Kimberly

In the midst of all the busyness of today…I almost forgot the significance of today. Today would of been my sister Kimberly’s 26th birthday. Some of you may know but many may not know that I had a little sister. I also have an amazing younger brother Vincent whom I love and so proud of. However, my sister Kimberly was the youngest of the 3 of us and in my opinion, the strongest because of what she had to go through. She was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 4 and I was 10. She lost her fight to cancer and passed away 2 years later. In the 6 years of her life she showed me so much strength, perseverance and love.

I remember the night before she died and praying to God to save her and if He saved her, I would give my life to Him and follow Him. God however did not answer my prayer the way I thought He would. My sister went to be with Jesus the next day. It was not until a few months ago going over my testimony of how I made Jesus, the Lord and Savior of my life 11 years ago, that God showed me the answer to my prayer that night. He spoke to me so clearly that He did save my sister and she is with Him and that I did eventually give my life to Him and follow Him. That blew me away and humbled me so much!

Today, I want to honor her because she was a wonderful person and I believe that she made a difference with her life. Through her life and what God has done in my life, God has placed a desire in me to reach young women and see them have a relationship with Jesus!

Enjoying The Journey!!

So it has been awhile since I have updated my blog…I have been having fun of course but this has also been a time of stretching for me and a bit of transition. With all the stretching and transition and I am learning to just enjoy the journey.

. . . how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him! —Matthew 7:11

God has been so faithful through this particular season of my life. Today, especially I am in awe of God’s faithfulness as I celebrate another year of walking with the Lord. I can’t believe that it has been 11 years! I look back at how much God has grown me in faith and yet, I see that I have so much more growing up to do.

In this particular season of my life, it is my desire to go deeper and more intimate with God! As I draw near to Him, He has certainly been faithful to draw near to me. I have such a greater revelation of God’s unconditional love for me. I am beginning to understand more of God’s Grace for me and that it is by His grace that I am saved and it is not by my works.

For the past four months, I have been going to a great church called The City Church. Through this church, I have literally felt the Presence of God like no other and it has been a place where I have received ministry and healing in many areas of my life. Currently, I am about to embark on a nine month journey as an intern with The City Church beginning in September. I am super excited for this opportunity as I believe that God is going to do great and mighty things in my life through this program. It is my desire to live a life that ministers to others and brings glory to God. These past few months have been amazing yet challenging as God has shown me that no matter what I do, say, or how act, HE LOVES ME!!! Now that may seem like a simple concept but that is an area that I hadn’t fully grasped since I bought into the lie that I needed to work, serve and strive to be perfect for God to love me. Through this program, I have an opportunity to focus on God and be poured into by spending time with Him and allowing Him to work in me so that I can minister to others.

I hope to blog of my experience as I embark on this journey. I appreciate your prayers as I get ready for a great nine months and I fully expect God to bring me out after this program knowing who God has created me to be and for Him to bring about the dreams and desires of my heart!

My Worst Fear…Victoriously Conquered!!

WARNING!!! This post is not for people who have a weak stomach…I would suggest to stop reading now past this point…

Today was an especially long day and like any other day, I thought it would be like any typical day. I arrived to work ready to take Ty to and from preschool and to spend the day with dear Taylor. I took Ty to school who was fine when I dropped him off. Well, everything was going okay until I got a call from Ty’s dad, Eric, that Ty is not acting like his typical self according to his teachers and that I needed to pick him up right away. Well, I rushed out of the house with little Taylor in tow. I arrived at the school to find Ty wrapped up in his blanket super tired.

I took Ty home and he told me that his stomach hurt. I gave him some tums and he slept for 2 hours and woke up with his stomach still hurting. I felt so bad for him, I asked him if I could pray for his stomach and he said yes…so we prayed. We believed God would heal him and He did…but not in the way that I expected.

After an hour, Ty was in real pain and I didn’t know what to do so I text his mom asking for suggestions. She gave me a few suggestions and Ty didn’t want to eat or do anything but be in his pjs so we headed to his room to change and it was after I put his pjs on…my worst fear came true…Ty stood there and said he felt like throwing up and before I could react…projectile vomit of Frosted Flakes and Craisins. Fortunately, he was facing away from me but I proceeded to lead him quickly to the bathroom where he threw up some more.

In my almost four years of watching the kids, I was fortunate to not have to deal with throw up which I prayed that I wouldn’t have to deal with because I didn’t know how I would deal with it myself. In fact, I feared what might happen and that I would get sick. Well, God’s grace was all over it because I didn’t throw up myself but was able to comfort Ty in his greatest time of need. After he got sick…he was fine…not only fine but 100% better and back to his normal self.

Praise the Lord for Ty’s healing and although, I would rather that He didn’t throw up, I happy that he is doing much better. I am so thankful that God covered me and that I have victoriously overcame one of my worst fears. Bummer is that I probably won’t be eating Frosted Flakes or Craisins for awhile.

Pure Joy!

This picture says it all…There is nothing like watching the joy of a child enjoying the simple things in life…like chocolate ice cream.

How often do I allow things to come in and take and steal away my joy?…stress, worry, money, etc. We can find momentarily joy in things but finding pure joy only comes from God. We can have joy in everything with God. All we need to do is to go to Him. The amazing thing is God rejoices in us when we come to Him just as He rejoices in seeing us enjoy the simple pleasures in life like chocolate ice cream..

Psalm 5:11
But let all who take refuge in You be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread Your protection over them, that those who love Your name may rejoice in You.

It’s A New Season!

“For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.” Eccl. 3:1

I was reading a devotional that mentioned this scripture and it struck me with the current season that I am in. God is the source of all life and He makes everything perfect in its season. I have thought of how certain fruits and vegetables ripen in different seasons. For instance, strawberries are in season in April and May. Similarly in our lives, we go through seasons of maturity where we ripen to what God has called us to do and be. Often times this growth comes out of a time of difficulty and sometimes it comes out of a blessing. Either way, God is faithful to make everything perfect in its season. He causes all things to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purposes for them. (Rom. 8:28)

What struck me about what Solomon says is that “there is a time” meaning that there is a beginning and an end. A comfort to know when we go through difficult seasons. I know that when we go through difficult seasons, it seems like this time is forever and is moving at a snail pace. However, it says in Psalm 102:11 that “life passes as swiftly as the evening shadows.” In the scripture above Solomon also says “everything” which reveals that God is not surprised, He has seen all that has happened, is happening and will happen. There is no circumstance that He is not aware of and can bring His loving hand to restore and fix.

The key to fully maturing and ripening in any season is to turn to God. We need to determine, accept and value in our hearts God’s perfect timing. When we doubt His timing, we move ahead of God without Him. We should strive to know and love God. He is the giver of wisdom, knowledge and true joy! Every moment and every season is an opportunity to turn back to God to guide us and to continue to mature us into our new season where we will bear much fruit for the Kingdom!

Happy Mother’s Day!

In honor of Mother’s Day, I am so thankful for Lisa who brought these 2 wonderful kids into this world and for the privilege to be a part of their lives for these past 3 1/2 years as their nanny! These kids have taught me so much on what it is like to be a mom except I don’t get the sleepless nights!! I would not trade my time with them for the world! It has been truly amazing to see them grow up before my eyes! I love them so much!!

Because of them, I have more of a deep respect for mothers who day in and day out love unconditional and make so much sacrifices for their children!!

I can’t believe how time flies and to think that I started watching this little guy when he was 6 months old. Here is Ty then and now at 3 1/2.

And then 2 years later came along his little sister Taylor who is now 20 months old and such a cutey pie.. .

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