Intern Training Camp – First Night

Last weekend, I started as an Intern for The City Church and we kicked it off by going on a camping trip. Thursday afternoon we left for Perris Lake to spend a weekend of drawing closer to God and team building. I must admit, I was nervous because I had no idea what to expect but by the end, I had an absolutely wonderful time! A weekend filled with new friendships forged and definitely lots of laughter!! There was almost 50 of us that went…so awesome! We were divided into 4 groups and our group was the Leadership group. The other groups were Discipleship, Serving, and Unity.

I loved our group and we certainly bonded pretty quickly when we were assigned to make dinner the first night for everyone. We decided to make a spaghetti dinner. (I know you are probably thinking spaghetti dinner camping??) We were told that we had burners so we thought spaghetti. We got there and quickly set up camp. After, we began to prepare dinner…the main thing was of course the burners and unfortunately the piece to connect the burners to the propane was not correct so no burners. To say the least we had a big challenge to figure out how to boil water and cook meat. But our team was determined to figure out a way. We then began to start the charcoals and create a fire on the grills. Even that was a challenge because there was A LOT of wind that kept the fire from staying lit. So we held up a beach towel to keep the wind and took turns keeping the fire going. By the grace of God and some great team work, we were able to make a really good spaghetti dinner. It only took us almost 3 hours but it was well worth the wait and hard work. Here are a few videos and picture from our experience…

And our finished product close 3 hours later…This was our last pot out of 3 pots of spaghetti…God totally multiplied the meal!