Where’s That Smell Coming From??!!

Well, it is official…it is the season where kids are getting sick. Ty and Taylor of course are no different. Over Thanksgiving, Ty was sick and in fact was throwing up all night on Thanksgiving. I got a text message from Lisa, his mom, and I felt so bad for him. That really stinks! Anyway, the good news is that Ty is better.

Today, I was at work early to watch Ty and Taylor. I walked in to see Ty and he looked good, watching Elmo but still had a running nose. No big deal. His little sister Taylor got what Ty had and had just thrown up right when I got there. I was bracing myself to deal with a vomiting and sick 4-month old. The good news is that Taylor is such a great baby and eventhough she was sick. She rarely fusses.

I was expecting for her to be throwing up all day and she didn’t thankfully. She spit up a little but nothing like the projectile that was coming out this morning with her parents. Lisa was occasionally checking in to see how the kids were doing and everything was fine. Just when I sent that text message, of course something has to happen.

Taylor woke up from her nap and it was time for me to feed her. She was taking her bottle when all of sudden a loud explosive noise came out of her bottom, then another and immediately I knew that we were going to have a problem….DIARRHEA!!!. Her bottom was starting to feel damp and I immediately ran her up the stairs and into the sink. It was all over her up the front of her and up her back. Not good!! I quickly turned on the water and proceeded to hose her off and once I got her clean, I gave her a bath. Ty was such a sweetheart and such a great helper as I asked him to give me a towel for his sister and he did. Taylor was finally all cleaned up and fresh. So I went downstairs and tried feeding her again. As she was eating, I thought that she may of had another accident because I kept smelling a foul odor. I thought that I may have not cleaned her up completely. I checked and everything was fine. Still that odor was still lingering. I put her down in her swing and realized that that foul odor was coming from me!! She had left her mark on my jeans! I quickly found a pair of sweatpants from Lisa’s closet and put them on.

I often wondered which is worse throw up or diarrhea and I would have to say both are bad and even worse when it gets on you! I am certainly getting trained up for being a mom!! Antibacterial soap and hand sanitizers are my friends!!! If I could deal with that, I can pretty much deal with anything!!


I Have No Words…