2010 – A Fresh Start to a Decade of Destiny

It has been awhile since I have last posted a blog and not to make any excuses…I have been quite the busy girl but that is nothing new. I have always seen my life as a journey and at times a roller coaster (thank goodness I love roller coasters) but I am so blessed to be on the journey with the God Almighty!

Reflecting on 2009, I must say that it was a year of being stretched beyond my comfort zone. I have seen God move in amazing ways in my family and in my friendships and even in my personal walk with Him. God has brought key people in my life to build me up and I am continuing to rely more on God’s grace as there were many times, I knew that in my own strength I could do nothing.

Going into 2010, I am looking forward to God moving in greater ways for He is a great God who far surpasses my understanding. Already in 2010, I was able to go on a wonderful cruise with friends to the Mexican Rivera. I had a wonderful time basking in the warm sunshine, going horseback riding in the jungle, snorkeling and eating lots of food (which you do on a cruise).

And coming back from that to life with all its challenges. Whoever says it doesn’t rain in Southern California is a liar because coming back to San Diego we experienced 4 straight days of downpouring rain. Not drizzle but RAIN!! Being back in San Diego for just a week, I have had my fair share of challenges already. First off, adjusting to the drastic change in climate has contributed to me catching a small cold. On top of that, due to all the rain we have experienced, there is a leak in my ceiling. Currently, my living room is covered in plastic and I have three fans going and a dehumidifier to dry out the walls. It literally looks like a tornado hit it and sounds like one too! Thankfully, I have insurance and everything is covered but it certainly not something you want to happen. Despite the challenges, I know that I am moving in the right direction because I know who is the author of the challenges and that is the devil. However, my faith and trust is in God who faithfully takes care of me and watches over me.

Right now my journey has a few potholes in it and I know that with God, I can navigate through these and begin to move toward to all that God has for me. I believe that God is going to do great things this year and I believe that God is beginning to unfold the dreams and desires that we have been believing for to pass this year! So get ready!!