A Somber Day!

Yesterday, I heard the news of two icons that had passed away…Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was one of my favorite artist growing up. Listening to the ongoing reports of MJ’s death and hearing about his legacy…There is not a shadow of a doubt that he was an amazing artist and I only wished to have gone to see his concert in his heyday. But, despite all of his musical accalades, his legacy of course has been shrowded with controversy of accusations of child molestation and his eccentricities.

It made me think of the legacy that I would like to leave when I go and be with my Father in heaven. I probably won’t have a 24 hour marathon streaming about me but I would want to remembered for my character and my love for God! A friend had sent me this article…detailing the death of a man who was sold out for Jesus! His death of course was not in the headlines but his life was no less significant than anyone elses and in my eyes definitely news worthy. Here is a story of a man named Erwin who died but was not in the headlines.

Here is a The link to the story: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,529034,00.html as well as the excerpt from the email that was sent to me.

“But what does the near total neglect of this major story, and the non-stop coverage of Michael Jackson’s death tell us about our media, our nation, and ourselves? What does this coverage contrast tell us about who our models and heroes are, and what our values are? These are almost rhetorical questions and painful to contemplate.

Erwin lived a life of love in light of eternity. Today he was shot dead and died alone in a gutter by the very people he was serving in love. But today he also was welcomed into glory by the great cloud of witnesses and received his reward. He was known by heaven far more than he was known on earth. His legacy will last deep into the stretches of eternity and long after the consumer pop culture mourns today and moves on tomorrow. “


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