Come Away With Me!

“Rise up my love, my fair one, and come away.” Song 2:10

This morning, I asked Jesus what He had for me today and I heard in my spirit “Come Away with Me.” (The song from Norah Jones comes popping in my head. :))

As I was reading and meditating on this, I couldn’t help but just feel these words pierce my heart. The voice of My Beloved speaks to me and is calling me with His sweet voice to rise up. He calls me “my love and my fair one.” Not only to rise up from my slumber but to rise up with Him away from the ways of the world so that He can reveal to me more of His ways. In the midst of my battles, struggles and trials, He bids me to “Come away with Him.” To come away with Him is like coming home and being refreshed by God’s grace and love. Knowing not only in my mind but in my heart the desires and goals He has for me and by His grace as I come away with Him, He will lead me to all that He has for me. He has kindled more the flame of love in my heart for Him and I will continue to rise up with Him when He beckons me to “come away.”