Ty and Taylor Update!!

My little kiddos that I have been nannying for are growing up so fast! I can’t believe that Ty is going to be 3 in 5 months and Taylor is 7 months old. It just seemed like yesterday, I was meeting Taylor shortly after she was born. Now she has cut 2 teeth, can sit up on her own, and is on her way to crawling very soon! She is simply adorable and before I know it she will be walking and talking.

Ty has been my little buddy for 2 years now and it has been such a tremendous blessing to watch him grow up.

He is going to be starting pre-school next week! He is also now completely potty trained and only took him 3 weeks to do that. I am sooooooooo proud of him. He is coming into his own with his opinions and can be demanding at times. Talking all the time! His new thing now is screaming because Taylor has found her voice and they communicate with each other through screaming. Cute for like 10 seconds and then I start to feel like my head is about to explode with the high pitch shrills!

Such a little ham! I taught him the Asian squint! LOL!!

He loves trains (aka “choo choos”). Showing off his favorite Thomas!

At times, Ty still has yet to adjust that he is a big brother. He often takes Taylor’s pacifiers and sticks it in his mouth. He is becoming much sweeter with her though!

All in all, I love these kids to no end! They are simply adorable!!!


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