I was reading a devotional today about leadership and when reading it is something that we have heard. That the qualifications of a leader is not to just sit behind a desk and simply bark orders for other people to accomplish. If that were the case, life as we know would come to standstill with a lot of people talking and not a whole lot of action. Successful leaders are able delegate duties to others but are also willing to perform those duties if necessary.

Jesus set the perfect example on the night he was betrayed by Judas Iscariot. As the evening meal was being served, he got up from the table, grabbed a towel and basin of water, and proceeded to wash the feet of his disciples. Such a task was supposed to be done by a servant, but Jesus was willing to take on that role. Peter wasn’t sure what to think of this, rejecting the foot washing at first. He had to be convinced. Later, Jesus informed Peter and the other disciples that leadership equals servanthood. It’s not an easy truth for many leaders to apply to life, but Christ’s example that night makes an eloquent case.

Many people want to be leaders but don’t want to do what it takes to be a leader and that is to serve. Meaning that you are never above any task no matter how menial and that you are willing to be an example to others. I know in my life I am constantly evaluating how I can be a better leader and I am in no way perfect but I do know that I have a heart to serve and see the Kingdom of God be advanced and to see the church (the bride of Christ) be built to be holy and blameless. That is going to take people who are willing to lay down their lives to serve others.


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