Oh No! Not Again!!

The words “Santa Ana’s wind” are words that don’t give me the warm fuzzies and today it was no different. I was running some errands with Ty today and as I was heading back to the house. I noticed that there was a fire truck that going down the street and as I was approaching the onramp to head back to the house. I saw smoke and then I saw flames on the hillside. The horrible feelings and memories of what had happened last year when I had to evacuate from my condo at 6am in the morning started to creep in.

Ty was in the back not even aware of what was going on and I saw the flames on the hillside and made a quick decision that it wasn’t a good idea to go towards the fire. The hillside that was on fire was about a mile away from where Ty lives. Fortunately, I saw the helicopters dropping flame retardant and water on the flames. I made a few calls to Ty’s parents to let them know that we were okay and heading over to Ty’s grandmother’s house in Poway. After an hour, the firefighters were able to put out the fire and all was safe.

I thought to myself…”not again!!” I cried out to God and began to pray which is all I can do is these situations and praise the Lord He protected the homes and the fire did not spread. A big thank you to the firefighters! You guys ROCK!! But GOD ROCKS MORE!!


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