Ty and Taylor Update

Well, it has been 2 months since little Taylor has made her entrance into this world and she is so cute! She really is such a good baby. Now that her mom Lisa is starting back to work, I am now left to care for her and Ty. Ty is going through the typical reaction of having a new sister. He goes from being super sweet and giving her a kiss to not wanting to have anything to do with her (which is mostly the case right now). Ty is definitely reacting to me now having to take care of Taylor and that is just not acceptable in his 2 year old mind. In his mind, I am his and my attention should be solely on him.

Everytime, I have to feed Taylor, Ty starts to grab my arm to pull the bottle away from Taylor to signal me to pay attention to him and play with him. Even today, he reached over to try to take Taylor out of my arms and put her in her baby seat. This kid is relentless!! Fortunately, Taylor sleeps alot still and whenever she is sleeping, I devote all my attention to him and reassure him that he will always be the number one and that he is a big brother now!

Ty is also talking a lot more and he now calls me DeeDee which I think is so cute since he can’t say Stephanie but he can say quesadilla! I am baffled by that but whenever I get to the house he always yells “Hi DeeDee” and he gets so excited to see me. A real self-esteem booster!! LOL!!

I am definitely learning more and more patience and have asked God for guidance so much more now than ever before and He has always come through!! Especially when it comes to coordinating their eating and sleeping schedules! They are such a joy to spend time with and I am certainly blessed to have the opportunity to care for them.

Here are a few recent pics….(I hope to get some more when I remember to bring my camera!) These are off of my blackberry…

Ty and me.

Taylor at 2 months (time has flown by!)


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