A Not So Pleasant Surprise!

Yesterday, I felt inclined to enjoy some seafood and I was happy to find salmon on sale at the grocery store. After a long week of working and babysitting, I was looking forward to make a nice meal. I had put all my groceries away and decided to take a small break to vedge out before making dinner. After resting a bit, I opened up the freezer to take out the salmon and prepare my meal…..well to my dismay….I found a not so pleasant surprise….I found the ice box overflowing with water and slush everywhere. Within a couple of hours my ice maker was working fine and now it was leaking water and not making ice. UGGGGHHHH!!

I was hoping to get it fixed today but the earliest appointment would be tomorrow. So I had made plans with a few people to hang out today and I had to cancel them because I now have to babysit my freezer and empty the ice bucket every few hours so that it doesn’t leak from the freezer to the refridgerator to the floor.

To say the least…I rather be hanging out with my friends…but if I had to babysit I rather babysit children then my freezer!!

Here are a few pics to illustrate….

The ice bucket filling up with water

I had to put a large mixing bowl to catch more water.

The wet towels to soak all the access water seeping out of the bottom of the fridge.

I will be thankful when it gets fixed. I wish I knew how to turn off the water going into the ice maker. Although, I had to deal with this not so pleasant surprise…The upside…I still enjoyed my salmon meal with some broccoli and rice. So yummy and healthy!! Then later that night, I got a very pleasant surprise…My friend Ashley will be coming to San Diego to visit for the week. I am excited to see her!!!


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