The Shack

I have been waiting in anticipation to read this book, “The Shack” by William P. Young for what seems like eternity but for about a month. The book was first mentioned to me by one our campus directors in my church at a prayer meeting and I had every intention of picking up the book before I left for my mission trip to Scotland. Well, I did not have the time to get the book before I left and in my focus to leave for Scotland, the book left my mind. I guess I was destined to read the book as a friend on my mission trip in Scotland mentioned the book to me and told me that it changed his life. Well, any book that has that affect on someone, I want to read. I was excited to hear that he had bought extra copies to give away and that he would give me one. I was expecting to get it before I left Scotland but I settled for it being mailed to me. When I returned from my trip, several friends of mine had already had read it and were raving about it. It just increased my impatience to get the book and occasional annoyance as I did not want them to tell me details of the book so that it would ruin it for me. Finally….I received it yesterday in the mail!! Woohoo!

Almost immediately, I started reading the book and I couldn’t put the book down! The time I put it down was to leave for a prayer meeting and immediately after I came home, I picked it right up and read it some more. I would of stayed up to finish it but I really wanted to get everything that the author was trying to convey. I finished the book this afternoon and I can not even begin to describe the revelation that I have been getting from this book! I can say for myself….this book has changed my life!

Through this book, I am more in love with God, my creator than I ever was before. I am overwhelmed with emotion on how God is ALWAYS good and how He ALWAYS loves us and how He is ALWAYS with us!

I would recommend this book to anyone and have you find out for yourself! If you have read the book already, I would love to get your insights of the book.


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